Apply to Ukiah

Applications for the Liberal Studies-Ukiah Program are accepted for both Fall and Spring semesters. Applicants must meet Sonoma State University application deadlines and transfer student requirements. Please see the Sonoma State University application deadline page for more information and specific application deadlines. 

Online Application Process

Students must apply for the Liberal Studies Ukiah program online via the new Cal State Apply website. A link to Cal State Apply is also accesible through the SSU Admissions page. When you apply online, you’ll need to select an intended major. Select "Liberal Studies (Ukiah)", do not select "Liberal Studies (Hutchins)".

Missed the Application Deadline?

Applicants are encouraged to plan ahead and meet the application deadlines, as late applications are not accepted, except in extreme cases. If you miss the application deadline for your chosen semester of admission, you may submit a Late Applicaton Appeal Request.


If you have questions about the application process, please locate the appropriate transfer admissions staff member on the SSU Admissions Staff Directory page. Scroll down to the Transfer Student Applicants Admissions Team section and locate the appropriate staff member based on your last name.